The Difference Between Hispanic and Spanish

The Difference Between Hispanic And Spanish

The attached video features Laura and Miranda, both Auburn University students, who are Spanish and Hispanic, respectively.

I picked this story because I’ve had a lot of experience with hispanic and spanish friends expressing their frustrations at the jokes that have been thrown (did you jump the border? do you have your green card?) and the assumption that everyone who speaks Spanish is from Mexico.

I thought it was important to show that just as not everyone who speaks English is from the same culture, the same goes for not everyone who speaks Spanish shares the same cultural background.

The difference is vast, from food to dialect to clothes to the countries typical weather.

Some complications I had were finding the time before finals for my sources to be video taped and getting any B roll at all. Some challenges include video editing, which was admittedly frustrating, simply getting used to using adobe premiere.

Also, one of my problems was finding B roll, as my sources had no time to film other than the initial interview, so I went with a wide shot of the university.

If I had time to do this over I would make time for more shots and possibly rearrange the sequences. Overall I liked the information that they had to say and thought it was a very insightful look into the differences between the two ethnicities.

The above video details what its like being latino in America and how parents are trying to pass down latino traditions to their children who are progressively getting more Americanized.

This video details some of the differences in the language and other cultural aspects of different spanish speaking ethnicities.

Google Fusion Exercise

I experimented in class today with using Google Fusion to merge data tables and create maps. The information shown is combined state and sales tax data across the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. The data is shown in colors corresponding from low to high (low being green, high being red.)

Combined Local and State Taxes 2012