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A “Whole Bunch of Whites” Confront Alvin Holmes

I recently stumbled across this article, Families Protest Alabama Lawmaker’s Racist Comments, on Yahoo by Beth Greenfield.

I had never heard of Representative Alvin Holmes and now I wish I hadn’t ever heard of him. Unfortunately, he represents my current home state of Alabama.

In case you don’t feel like clicking on the link, Holmes contended that white lawmakers wouldn’t let their daughters give birth to a black child. In fact he said that an overwhelming majority of white lawmakers would force their daughters to get an abortion if the child’s father was a black man. 

He also said that white families rarely adopt black children and went on to offer $100,000 cash to anyone “who could show a whole bunch of whites” brought black children into their families. (More information can be seen at

Let me just pick my jaw up off the floor real quick.

This wasn’t a side comment to a back alley reporter that seems a little iffy as to whether or not he really said it either.


Thankfully many people, such as myself, were completely put off by his remarks. Many of those people took to facebook to protest, the page is called Faces of Families in Alabama and features dozens of photos of biracial families, adoptive families, foster families and hundreds of encouraging supportive posts. Groups of families showed up in person at the Alabama State House to show that a “whole bunch of whites” weren’t concerned with having a child of a different race.

After seeing this, instead of paying up or even apologizing, Holmes was adamant that a majority of white people would never adopt or have black children.

Personally, I think someone with this amount of hatred and assumption shouldn’t be representing me or my state. I for one, could care less what the race of my (way, waaayyyy in the) future children’s father is. He could be from even be from Mars (which would be an incredibly interesting ice breaker). Similarly, I’ve thought about adoption and would be open to it and would most likely adopt a child from a third world country. The race wouldn’t matter, as long as I was getting at least one child out of a possibly bad growing up situation.

But, I open this up to comment. Do you think a majority of white people in the state of Alabama, or even in the United States, would never have a biracial child? Do you think that a majority of white families would never consider adopting a child not of the same race?